Amazon was founded in 2013 by our MD ``Rhys Turner``. It was founded on the attitude that Hard work always pays off. At the beginning the company focused on provided much needed manpower to other contractors , As the years have past the company has grown into what you see today. We have a large team and a wealth of knowledge to provide in all situations, As the years past by we started taking on our own projects and becoming primary ground contractor on larger sites. In 2017 we expanded our portfolio by opening our own demolition firm. This move allows you.. ``Our Client`` to both clear out sites with older structures and start laying the foundations of a new project, all through one company.

  • Wealth of Experience
  • Quality Workmanship
  • Working in the Toughest Conditions
  • A workforce for all Requirements
  • Machines for Every Job
  • Easy Contacts at all Times.


At amazon we focus on being “first to the punch”  we always try to keep your goals the priority of any job, and we always strive to finish on time, or quicker.
Our Teams have a proven track record of being on site when required.  We pride ourselves in Punctuality and Professionality and Experience.    We always have the right man for the job.
Amazon’s goal is to keep our costs low and our quality high.    With this in mind we believe that you’ll always find us a great fit for your project.


We handle all levels of Civil Engineering Projects, From Roadbuilding to Drainage.  We have everything under control.

Our Demolition Teams operate some of the best machinery money can buy,  All team members are fully certified and Licensed in their respective roles and duties.  you can feel at ease when you trust Amazon to deliver your goals.

Our Excavators and Haulage equipment can move any amount of Stone, Rubble, Soil, Muck and Excess Materials you need gone..  if you’d like to know more about our capacities and capabilities please fill out our contact form, and someone will get back to you.